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                            Why invest in the Philippines?

In its October 2021 Report, the World Bank has identified the Philippines as one of the top growth performers in the East Asia Pacific region. The unparalleled government infrastructure spending, growing middle class and the rise of young, consumption-driven workforce ushered the country out of the pandemic-induced recession allowing its recovery to gain traction and return to its pre-pandemic level earlier than expected.


Because of its vibrant labor market that offers a unique edge over other Asian countries in terms of quality, the Philippines continues to be the number one destination for investors in the service sector. With a literacy rate of 94.6% and widespread proficiency in the English language, the country has a ready and steady supply of highly-skilled and trainable workforce to accommodate any underlying business need - including professional, technical, managerial and skilled workers.

Located at the heart of Asia with four hours flying time from any major capitals in the region, the Philippines is poised to be the most favorable hub for Asia Pacific expansion programs.  Sitting at the crossroad of the eastern and western business world, it serves as the critical entry point to over 500 million people in the ASEAN market. 

To create a more conducive business environment that facilitates growth and competitiveness, the Philippine government recently implemented the most comprehensive tax reform programs that reduces corporate income to 20% to 25% at par with its neighboring countries. Meanwhile the lucrative aims of the Ease of Doing Business Act can now be experienced with the launch of the SEC’s digital transformation initiative featuring one-day submission and express registration of companies.

With institutional reforms that fuels the increase of foreign investments and fosters sustainable development, the Philippines' economic growth is expected to further rebound with the containment of the global pandemic and the acceleration of mass vaccination. The recovery is expected to trickle down to the fringes of society spawning a positive impact on poverty reduction.

In support of the country’s promising economic trajectory, RMLO brings its wealth of experience and knowledge of local matters to resolve daily business problems by providing services to individuals and organizations committing to the long-term development of the country.  Our lawyers offer comprehensive legal advice and innovative solutions for a wide range of legal issues. We have served a diverse clientele which includes multinational companies, local businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. Our clients come from various industries, such as information technology, business process outsourcings, logistics, financial services, retail, training facilities, manpower recruitment to travel and tourism. Through our large network of key people in various local institutions, we have the capability to address our clients’ individual needs and deliver the greatest possible economic benefit in any cross-border transaction. 

As a leading boutique business consulting firm, RMLO delivers expansion solutions for businesses seeking to break into the Philippine market.  With the use of highly qualified local consultants, we provide you with the clarity and confidence to thrive in a new market. By blending western business cultures with local practices, we tailor the best business strategy to ensure your firm a successful market entry.

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