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Immigration Law and Philippine Visa

How to obtain a Travel Ban Exemption for 9 (a) tourist visa holders?

The IATF released Resolution No. 165, effective 01 April 2022, stating that the Entry Exemption Document (EED) will no longer be required for the application for 9(A) Visa at a foreign service post.

Foreign nationals from visa required countries, who intend to apply for a 9A Visa at a Philippine Embassy or Consulate, are no longer required to:

            1. Request for a travel ban exemption (TBE), from a Philippine government agency.

            2. Present an EED for their application for a 9A Visa and their arrival in the Philippines.

How to acquire a 9 (g) employment visa in the Philippines?

             1. Obtain an Alien Employment Permit (AEP) from the Department of Labor and                                   Employment (DOLE), and establish that no individual located within the Philippines is                       willing and able to perform the position and service for which the foreigner is being hired;

             2. Proceed to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) main office or other Immigration Offices and                 bring the following:

                        a. Letter of request from the petitioning company stating the admission of the alien                           (foreign national) will be beneficial to the public interest;

                       b. Accomplished and duly notarized Consolidated General Application Form (CGAF)                             (Form MCL-07-01);

                        c. Alien Employment Permit (AEP);

                        d. Clearance certificate issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI);

                        e. Any other documents which will assist in the evaluation process (see checklist:                        ;

                        f. Authenticated copy of the passport showing current valid visa; and

                       g. Certified true copies of the Marriage Contract, Birth Certificates (authenticated at                           Philippine Embassy if issued abroad), if to be accompanied by spouse and unmarried                          children under 21 years old.

                       h. During the approval process, the proposed foreigner may apply for a Special Work                           Permit (SWP) which is issued for a period of 3 months while the 9G visa is being                                   released.

How to secure a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)?

The Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV) is issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) of the Republic of the Philippines under the Retirement Program of the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) to foreigners and overseas Filipinos. It entitles the holder to multiple-entry privileges with the right to stay permanently/indefinitely in the Philippines.


The following are the requirements:


1. Completed Philippine Retirement Authority application form;


2. Valid passport;


3. DFA Medical Examination Form No. 11 accomplished by a licensed physician from the                     applicant's place of origin, including AIDS Test, duly authenticated by the Philippine                           Embassy/Consulate posted there or PRA Medical Certificate (RSSC Form No. 002)                                 accomplished by a licensed physician in the Philippines;


4. Certification by PRA shortlisted bank of the requisite deposit in the following categories;

    A. With Pension - 50 years old and above - the required time deposit is US$10,000.00                          plus a monthly pension of US$800.00 for a single applicant and US$1,000 for couple.


    B. Without Pension

         a. 35 to 49 years old - US$50,000.00 time deposit

         b. 50 years old and above - US$20,000.00 time deposit

         c. Former Filipino Citizens (at least 35 years old, regardless of the number of                                           dependents - US$1,500.00)

         d. Ambassadors of Foreign Countries who served and retired in the Philippines,                                     current and former staff members of international organizations including ADB                                   (at least 50 years old) - US$1,500.00


5. Police Clearance, duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate, issued                           abroad or National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance, issued in the Philippines;


6. Photographs, 2.4 cms and 5 cms. six (6) pieces each;


7. If the spouse is joining the applicant, Marriage Certificate or Marriage Contract if the                       applicant's marriage was solemnized in the Philippines or Marriage Certificate duly                             authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate nearest the applicant's residence                       abroad if the marriage was contracted abroad (under PRA rules, should the resident                           retiree suffer an untimely demise, the surviving spouse who is a holder of SRRV has the                     option to become the principal retiree using the original principal dollar deposit as                             his/her qualifying deposit. If he/she chooses not to, the law on succession shall apply);


8. If dependent/s is/are joining the applicant, Birth Certificate/s of dependent/s born in the  Philippines or Birth Certificate/s or Household Register duly authenticated by the                                Philippine/Consulate nearest the applicant's residence abroad; and


9. Payment 3,600 NOK

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